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injection 5mge

MessagePosté: 18 Juil 2011, 21:17
de ray moulad
Presque aussi bô que des carbu....voir même plus classe !!!!!

Image Kit: Toyota 5MGE Triple Supra

Re: injection 5mge

MessagePosté: 20 Juil 2011, 19:23
de tungs
mmmmh ! ça fait envie tout ça !
tu as un lien ou on peut en savoir un peu plus ?

Re: injection 5mge

MessagePosté: 20 Juil 2011, 20:48
de ray moulad

+ les réponses aux mails que j'ai envoyé si tu lis un peu l'anglais !! 10% de puissance juste avec ça c'est déjà pas mal...!
mais il y a quand même une grosse modif au niveau electronique, allumage ECU...


You use your Stock Injectors and stock Fuel Rail with this Kit…… you will either need to use a Aftermarket ECU to Program for MAP Sensor control, or use a AEM FIC unit as a Piggyback unit to retune the Stock ECU from MAF over to MAP sensor Control……

It is made for the “D” shaped Lower Manifold Only, 5MGE’s came with 2 different lower manifolds, 1 has Round Ports on the inlet side, the other has “D” shaped ports, this kit is designed to be used with the “D” shaped lower manifold…….. if your stock manifold is not “D” Shaped we have some in the Shop, we charge $100 to Bead blast & Paint a D shaped Manifold…

It’s really pretty Simple, The Stock ECU needs the Airflow Meter to tell the engine how much AIR is going into it. The AEM FIC Unit on Ebay $349, is a Piggy Back unit that Samples the Crank or Distributor signal for RPM input, The TPS on our Kit is used to as a Load input, you +/- the Voltage from the TPS, and feed it to the Stock ECU via the Air-Flow Meter input, this does away with the RESTRICTIVE AFM. The AEM FIC Unit has a Built in MAP sensor on the FIC Unit, The FIC MAP sensor is then used to fine tune the Program for drivability and fuel Economy out in the Cruise Ranges…….. Or you can completely rewire the CAR for a Stand-alone Electronics like Mega-Squirt….. for the MegaSquirt

Power increase is 10 to 15% on a Stock engine, if you increase Compression, Free-up Exhaust the Power levels go up from there!